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Kyiv headquarters
of volunteers

We are connecting
those in need,
and those who can provide help

Київський Штаб Волонтерів 1

Our main task – is to provide
everything needed for peaceful population of ukraine
and help children

The halo of our work is the whole Kyiv.
Very soon our volunteer headquarters will be opened in other cities of Ukraine

We are looking for:

  • Volunteers, coordinators
  • Patrons
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Logistic support in Ukraine and Europa (vehicles, drivers, fuel)
  • Partners (foundations, volunteer organizations)
  • Influencers who can help with things above
I want to Help

We help:

  • With food, medicines, all necessary things for the civilians
  • Children left without parents and need medical aid

Caring for the most important

Ukraine is currently a small child protected by our military. And it is important for us not to forget about our common children.

The Kyiv Volunteer Headquarters helps children who have lost their parents and need urgent care and treatment.

Orphans, children with disabilities, all the children of Ukraine, from whom the war wanted to take away the future, and now it depends on us!

The global goal is to create all conditions for a happy life of young Ukrainians, development, education of the next generation of a free country!

What we have done
Volunteers have been connected
People have been supported
Million og UAH have been raised and spent
Tons of aid have been unloaded
People in our team

Our team

Ready to cooperate?